Client Testimonials

All States Notary is proud of its client relationships, and happy to share the observations of those who best know what it’s like to work with us. Check out our Client Testimonials.

March 31st, 2017|

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International IDs Acceptable For Notarizations

Notaries are often challenged to accept foreign ID’s for notarizations. After all 43 million people from other countries are living in the United States. Foreign passports are the most commonly acceptable form of foreign identification for notarization, but state laws vary on the requirements.

For more information please check out NNA’s article Are International IDs Acceptable for Notarizations?

February 3rd, 2016|

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Notary Journals

We are often asked about keeping Notary Journals. Below please find a few helpful links from the Nation Notary Association:

>> Article: What every notary needs to know about journals

>> Webinar: How to complete a journal entry

October 22nd, 2015|

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Take your State Of California Required Notary Public Courses Online

Take your State of California required Notary Public Courses Online! Become a California notary for the first time or renew your California notary commission.

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September 1st, 2015|

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Notarial Terms & Abbreviations

Do you know the commonly used notarial terms and abbreviations? Learn more

July 15th, 2015|

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NNA Conference 2015

The National Notary Association’s 2015 conference will be held in Orlando, FL from May 31 – June 3, 2015.

Every year, the this annual conference brings together hundreds of notary professionals from around the country for an unparalleled networking and educational experience. Hear from dynamic and engaging presenters from all facets of the industry, get up to speed on the changes directly impacting your business, network with industry peers and learn about the latest products and services available to keep you on target for success.

Registration is now open. For more information go to the National Notary Association Conference Webpage.

May 1st, 2015|

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Get Quality Notary Supplies

Get quality notary supplies like premium notary stamps, notary journals and other notary supplies at discount prices at Notary Warehouse.

March 2nd, 2015|

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New Standards For Mortgage Signings

Leading lenders and title companies have created the first set of recommended best-practice standards for Notaries handling loan signings. These standards are called the Certified Signing Specialist Standards and form the basis of a new designation for signing professionals: the Certified Signing Specialist. That is a Notary who has met all of the elements of the standards.

The publication of the Standards is among the most significant developments to hit the loan-signing profession in years, and it will help Notaries meet the needs of nearly every firm in the real estate finance industry. In turn, Notaries will be eligible for more jobs that will help them thrive in the current market.

The Standards are comprised of five elements:

  • The Certified Signing Specialist Code of Conduct
  • Standardized signing script
  • Annual examination
  • Annual background screening
  • Notary errors and omissions insurance

For more information on the coming changes, go to: A Guide To The New Mortgage […]

Important Facts Copy About Certification All Notaries Should Know

Notaries are often asked by signers to verify that a reproduction or photocopy of an original document is a true, complete and correct copy of the original. This is called “certifying a copy” or “copy certification”. Whether you can do so isn’t always clear-cut.

To learn some important facts, please read this article about copy certification from the National Notary Association.

December 24th, 2014|

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Transitioning To A More Powerful Notary Database

In an effort to serve you and our clients better, we have upgraded to a new Technology Platform. You may have already received a “system generated” email, inviting you to login/register and ensure that all of your information is up to date.

Whether you have already or are still waiting for that email to come, please register/login through this page. If you are already listed in the database, you have the option to update your information.

What are your benefits?

  • Dashboard type control panel which enables you to stay on top of your signing easily.
  • Streamlined communication & notification of activity for each file you are assigned to.
  • You can easily notify us when the signing has been completed. No need to fax a separate completion report to our office.

July 10th, 2014|

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